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Biography/Artist Statement

My work is about interpreting light, color, and energy found in the landscape, which to me feels alive with emotion and spirituality. To me, painting is about the paint, brushstrokes, and mark-making. I like to work in both watercolors and oils. I love the luminous transparency, fluidity, and spontaneity of watercolors, and the rich buttery lusciousness and slow layering of oil paints. My work starts with loose bold dynamic brushstrokes of transparent color. Then opaque paint and lyrical lines are added and removed using brushes, knives and scrappers until the painting has been distilled and clarified into a beautiful moment. With my personal mark-making and intuitive colors, I want to create a visual experience charged with emotion, movement and energy. 


I believe, “Art emerges when the heart and mind collide.”

Shy Raguso has a M.A. in Fine Arts and is an award winning artist who has exhibited at numerous galleries, art shows, and other public spaces. Raguso is a Fine Arts Professor at Raritan Valley Community College. She has also taught art to children and adults at The Whittemore, The Morris County Art Workshop, YMCA, Chester Field House and gives private art lessons. Raguso was born in Bombay, India, and now lives and works in New Jersey with her husband and two children.

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